Welcome to
Vedanta Academy

Welcome to Vedanta Academy Senior Secondary School

We are one among the best institution where your child’s potential will be realized and will be known and valued for it’s innate qualities. A school which provides an environment where children can achieve academic grace, maturity, strong character and integrity so that they are prepared to face the challenges of today’s world.


Welcome to the website of Vedanta Academy, Coimbatore, one of the leading schools in Coimbatore.

We are a happy school, because happy children learn better than unhappy ones. We are, as one parent described us, “the school that children run to in the mornings”. The warmth of this school is apparent the moment you walk through the doors, as is the energy. Our classrooms are seldom quiet, because they are filled with activity as children (and teachers) actively learn with enthusiasm. The engagement of the children is obvious; learning is a joyful experience which is energetically pursued.


Vedanta Academy has been founded to serve as a temple of learning, imparting knowledge and building Character, Culture, Values and a sense of humanity amidst the student fraternity.

The motive of the school is to bring out the best in every child and enhance their skills, making them feel positive and confident. The school aspires to develop the student into a disciplined and civilized individual at the end of his/her academic career.

At Vedanta Academy we give our students the FREEDOM TO THINK and we EMPOWER them TO BE…

School Motto: Freedom to think. Empower to be…


We are dedicated to fulfilling every child’s educational and developmental needs in a safe and caring environment conducive to learning and teaching. We aim to create responsible, global citizens who show understanding, compassion and acceptance of the differences in the world. We strive to ensure that every child in our care is empowered to make choices and encouraged to contribute to our community.

The school follows CBSE curriculum. The dream of the school is to fulfill the dream of every child by offering ample opportunities. It enables the young mind to think, understand, create, innovate and enjoy the process of gaining knowledge. The school is taking every step with the wish that every student should emerge as a wholesome individual composed of self assessing skills, competitive nature team spirit, leadership, self discipline, thirst for knowledge, preference for value, self respect and over all social responsibilities.

What Others Say About Our School

As a parent I want to take this opportunity to thank the teacher’s job with my son by making him feel so comfortable in the kindergarten and proving him good care of learning opportunity and helping him excel in his area of interest.

As a parent I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartful gratitude and appreciation for excellent mentoring in subjects and other activities. We are truly thankful to entire staff for their esteemed support and guidance for the students.

A big thanks to the management school and all staff who together make my ward to perform were in both academics and co-curricular. The school is very passionate about education. Thank you for making it easy and fun to learn with so much love and care.

We would like to thank all the teachers and coordinators for ensuring our kids had nice memorable learning experiences. I am sure that my ward is going to cherish these memories in his life time.